(REMOVED) How do I upgrade from a plan to a bundle?

An "upgrade" refers to purchasing a bundle after previously purchasing a plan that is included in the bundle: you are "upgrading" from a plan to the bundle. When you upgrade from a plan to a bundle, our system will recognize the amount you have previously paid on the plan and deduct it from the bundle's original price: our system recalculates a new, lower price.

Our iOS and Android apps do not recognize the price recalculation feature that allows you to get a discount; that is why bundles cannot be purchased on our iOS or Android app, only our website. 

Additionally, be sure you are logged in to see your bundle discount!

To know how your discount is applied:

1. Head to the webpage of the bundle you would like to purchase. In this case, we are looking at Meghan Currie's Delicious bundle.

2. The right side of the screen will show a few prices:

  • Regular Price: the price you would pay if all plans were purchased separately.
  • Bundle Discount: bundles are automatically offered at a discounted rate, a lower price than if you purchased each plan separately.
  • Upgrade Discount: this is the amount you have already paid towards the bundle, based off previous purchases on plans included in the bundle.
  • Your Price: this is the amount you will pay for the bundle, after all discounts are considered.

3. You can see how the upgrade discount is calculated by hovering over the question mark icon located directly to the right of the discount's dollar amount. In this case, the Loving Spoonfuls plan was previously purchased for $39.99. Thus, $39.99 is deducted from your price.

4. If you are ready to upgrade to the bundle for a discounted price, go ahead and click on Upgrade Now!

5. If you don't see the discounts you expect to see, send us an email and we can look into what may be going on and ensure you receive the proper price.

If you need some further assistance, go ahead and send us an email and we will be with you shortly!

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