How do I send a gift?

All of our plans and bundles can be gifted on our  website, but are unable to be sent via our free iOS or Android app. No account is needed to send a gift, and no account is needed to receive a gift. However, in order to redeem a gift, an account must be created

If you are searching for the perfect plan or bundle for your friend or family member but aren't quite sure which will be the most fitting, feel free to shoot us an  email. We would love to help pick the perfect one!

To send a gift:

1. Head to any plan or bundle page. Here, you will see two options appear on the right side of the page: "Buy a plan" and "Give as a gift". Go ahead and click on "Give as a gift".

2. You will be redirected to our gifting page where you can input your friend or family member's email address and customize a few things: the gift's "card", a personal message, and even have your gift be sent on a future date.

3. After you fill in your credit card information at the bottom of the page, click "Send Gift" and your gift will be on it's way! 

4. A unique URL will be emailed to your friend or family member and should appear in their inbox on its scheduled date; be sure your recipient checks their Spam folder if the gift email does not appear in their inbox. If the gift does not appear on its scheduled date, send us an  email and we can figure out what may have happened and ensure your gift is received.

If you need further assitance, go ahead and send us and  email and we will be with you shortly!

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