How do I refer a friend?

Referring a friend is a great way to build your personal Cody community and get a 50% off discount code! You can collect as many discount codes as you would like, as long as your invites are sent to  friends who have never created a Cody account. After your friend receives an invite to join Cody, has signed up, and has purchased their first program, you will receive a unique 50% off code. This code can be used on any plan or bundle and is manually applied at checkout on our website; know that codes cannot be used in our app, so be sure to head to our website to redeem your discount!

To invite a friend:

1. Click your account photo in the top right-hand corner on any Cody App webpage and select "invite friends".

2. Enter in any friend's email address who is not currently a Cody user, or share the link to your Facebook or Twitter wall. 

3. Your friend will either receive an email link with a 50% off code, or will click on the "redeem" link on your Facebook or Twitter post.  The code can be applied on their first purchase made online at; the purchase must be made on our website, as codes cannot be used in our app. 

4. In order for the referral to be successful, your friend must purchase their first plan or bundle through the emailed or uploaded referral link. For example, if your friend receives an email with the 50% off code, they must click on the URL included in the email that will redirect them to Cody's website, and then purchase a plan or bundle using the discount code. If your friend opens a new browser window or tab, and then heads to to purchases a program, the referral will not be successfully registered.*

5. Once your friend has signed up with a Cody account and purchased their first program using the method outlined in step 4, you will receive a unique promo code for 50% off any purchase. This code can be entered on our website at checkout; the code is not automatically applied to your purchase, and cannot be used in our app.

*If your referred friend has made their first purchase using the 50% off code but you have not received your 50% off code, shoot us an email and we can get you your code!

If you need further assitance, send us and  email and we will be with you shortly

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