What are Online Studio classes?

The  Online Studio is place on our website where free video classes play daily at pre-established times, and is a great way to try out new coaches and attend classes with your favorites. The Online Studio works one-way: you arrive at the webpage to watch your class video, but your computer's webcam is not accessed in any way. 

All of our classes have an RSVP option, but is not required to attend class; RSVP-ing to a class will send you email updates and reminders about your class's start time. If you RSVP to a class and cannot make it, nothing will happen to your account, so no worries! We will miss you in class, but look forward to the next time we can move with you.

Know that our classes are only available during their scheduled time, and we try to bring our free classes to as many Cody users around the world as possible. Our schedule is created around the needs of the majority of our worldwide users, but we know this does not make it easy for those living in certain timezones. However, some of our free Online Studio classes are available for purchase! We hope this helps to give you access to classes that may be a little difficult to attend in your time zone.

Here are a few features of our free Online Studio class page that can be found at www.codyapp.com/studio:

  • The first things you will see on the webpage are the name of the class, coach's name, time & date that includes your local time zone, and an option to get class reminders emailed to you. 
  • The countdown will tell you how long until class begins. The video stream will begin when the timer hits zero, and class will begin promptly at its scheduled time.
  • The "Remind Me" button is your "RSVP" to class. Clicking this button will add you to the class's list, and we will send you email reminders about the class's start time

  • Some more information about the class and the coach will appear as you scroll down the webpage, including the duration of class and any equipment needed.
  • Our free Online Studio has a chat feature that allows you to connect with other users who are also attending class. The number of people currently in class is shown on the right side of the webpage. To chat with these users and share your experience, you can type in the chat box and have your message sent to the public discussion.
  • The right side of the page will have list of our upcoming classes, their dates, and times. Click "Remind Me" to receive email notifications about these classes.

  • Miss class? Loved class and want to take it again? Some of our Online Studio classes are available for purchase! Practice anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you'd like.

If you need some further assitance, send us and  email and we will be with you shortly!

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