Why can't I find my purchases?

Often, the inability to find your purchases is due to one of the following:

1. You may be logged out of your account! Go ahead and check our log-in page to see if you are signed in; if you are logged out and head to our homepage, you will see a screen that says "Fitness Video Training" instead of the standard, logged-in home page that shows workout logs from users you follow:

If you are having some difficulty logging in to your account, head to our reset password page and request a password change: there may be a small typing error in your password!

2. If you can find your purchases on one of your devices, but not the other, and are logged in to an account on both devices, you may have two accounts registered with Cody. This can sometimes happen if "Sign In With Facebook" is accidentally clicked instead of "Sign In" on either our website or free iOS and Android app. If you have two accounts, go ahead and shoot us an email and we can help to merge them. You can learn how to find out what email address you are logged in with here.

3. Sometimes, very rarely, your payment will be processed but your plan will not be subscribed to your account. You know your payment has been processed if you receive an email receipt in your inbox (or spam folder!). If you receive an email receipt but do not see your plan appear in your Practice when you are logged in to the coordinating Cody account, go ahead and send us an email with a screenshot of your receipt, and we can manually subscribe you to your purchase. 

4. If you have made a purchase on your Apple TV but do not see it on your other devices, go ahead and take a look at this article to restore your purchases and learn a little more about purchasing on Apple TV.

If you still cannot find your purchases, go ahead and shoot us an email and we will be with your shortly!

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