What happened to the Online Studio?

Over a year and a half ago, the Cody Team launched an exciting new idea: free Online Studio. At the time, we had hoped to recreate the in-studio experience in a digital format, and connect Cody users from around the world.

Due to a variety of factors, we made the tough decision to discontinue the free Online Studio. 

While we understand many of our users enjoy the Free Online Studio, we realized over time how impossible it would be to scale the studio to meet our original dream of 24/7 studio streaming. Because the free Online Studio schedule was constrained to the same time slots every day, many of our users were never able to take part in this unique experience.

As we continued to grow and learn about the features that our users find most valuable, we want to be able to devote our resources to projects that will make the most impact with the widest range of people.

Many of us had favorite studio classes that are now available for purchase in our Single Classes category. We hope that making these classes available to own on-demand allows you to continue your practice uninterrupted!

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