How do I log a workout?

Logging a workout allows you to keep track of how often you move, share your progress, and connect with other users. You can either log a workout from one of your saved plans, or a workout of your own! 

To log a workout on our website:

1. Head to our  home page! At the top of the page, you will see a box that says "Log a new workout...", directly above a feed of workout logs from users who follow. Go ahead and click on this box to log a workout.

2. You can log a workout on your profile by clicking on the "Log a new workout..." box at the top of the page, directly above a list of your previous workout logs. To access your profile, click on your photo in the top right corner of any Cody webpage and then select "My Profile'.

3. All workouts can be logged on their webpage. To do so, click on the "Log this workout" box located beneath the workout video, on the right side of the page.

4. Finally, workouts can be logged on the Community tab of each workout's page. You will, by default, be on the "Overview" tab on a workout's page. Go ahead and select "Community" to see other users who are logging the workout, and add a log of your own by clicking on the "Log your '____' workout..." box.

To log a workout on our iOS or Android app:

1. You will see a green icon that allows you to log a workout. On an Apple device, this icon will be found on the bottom navigation bar. On an Android device, the logging button will be found on your profile page. To access your profile page on our Android app, tap on the icon of a person in the top navigation bar.

2. A workout can be logged immediately after it is done by tapping the green "Log" bar on each workout's page. 

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