How do I un-save a workout?

It's just as easy as saving a workout! To un save a workout, just search for the plan in the  Explore bar to locate the workout you would like to un save from your Practice. 

Once you have found which plan you would like to un save, click on it to access the plan page. 

When you are on the plan page, you will see the button on the right side of the page that says Saved to my Practice. Go ahead and click on this button. You will see it change to a red outlined button that says Remove from my Practice. 

This button will be located in the same place, right next to the intro video at the top of any of your saved plan pages. Once you click on this button, the plan will be automatically removed from your Practice.

If you need some further assistance, go ahead and send us an  email and we will be with you shortly! 

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