How does Cody define difficulty and intensity?

In addition to the Difficulty & Intensity Filter on our website, we created a guide explaining in detail each difficulty and intensity level to better understand where to begin your practice! Click  here to find this guide on our website, or learn how to use our Difficulty & Intensity Filter by heading here!

1. You can use this Difficulty & Intensity Guide located at the bottom of the Difficulty & Intensity Filter (on our website) for a more in-depth explanation of each level. This guide will help you find the perfect plan for your level of practice. Here, you can click through each level to find out which series' are available for you. Use our definitions to assess your self and level of practice to get started!

2. Below these definitions, you will find a chart displaying each of our difficulty and intensity levels. Here, you can match your preferred level of difficulty with your preferred level of intensity, and click the "Explore all Plans" arrow below to find the plans within these levels. For direct access to this guide, head  here to get started finding your perfect plan!

If you have any questions, send us an  email and we will provide more guidance for you!

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